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          Electric vehicle charging cable connector What kind 2016/01/15
          Head of electric car charging cable for power cable connection itself, there are connectors, insulating middle joint of the oil-filled power cables and power cables as well as plug steel stopper type joints. 1. Ordinary connector Electric c...
          Electric vehicle charging cable What types 2016/01/15
          1.w type, YJV Type: PVC power cable, XLPE power cable, not subject to external mechanical forces, suitable for indoor, inside the tunnel bridge and pipeline laying. 2.W22 type, YJV22S: internal steel tape armored power cable, can withstand...
          Development of electric vehicle charging cable 2016/01/15
          Chinas electric car charging cable industry overall size and growth rate has been ranked first in the world. But widespread quality problems in the industry but for network security, environmental protection and consumer health and safety o...
          Which high-voltage electric automotive interior 2016/01/15
          High-voltage lines: High-voltage lines are divided into two kinds, one is the distributor to the spark plug high voltage (sub-cylinder line or points FireWire), one is from the ignition coil to the distributor of power lines, which is also...
          Automotive interior refit high-voltage electric problem 2016/01/15
          High-voltage conversion problem on the vehicle and the ground, there are several key details and we explore. 1. Please do not dream by a simple modification will make the performance of the vehicle has improved leaps and bounds. If this is...