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          Welcome to Changzhou painuo Electronic Co. ltd.!
          • General manager: Mr.Wang
          • Phone: +86-13382882032
          • Tel: +86-519-83331905
          • Fax: +86-519-89185073
          • Web: www.cbmib.com
          • E-mail: wkfpainuo@163.com
          • Add: No.15, Xinhu Road, Xueyan Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City
          Solar photovoltaic cable
          • 12條記錄
          PV cable
          PV cable is a kind of special type cable with high-temperature resistance, rub resistance, extreme climate resistance and long working life for solar PV system. Tinned oxygen-free copper conductor ensures its conductive effect, insulating materials radiation cross linking treated by electron accelerator ensures reliable insulation and mechanical property. It is HALOGEN Free environmental protect product. When a fire accident occurs, it will bring less smoke and no toxic or harmful gas.

          ● Test voltage: AC:6.5KV, DC:15KV
          ● Rated temperature: -40℃ to +90℃
          ● Max.conductor temperature: +120℃
          ● Short circuit using temperature: +280℃
          ● Bebding radius:(D<8mm)≥4*D,(D≥8mm)≥6*D
          ● Retarding test: IEC60332-1
          ● Smoke density: IEC61034, EN50268-2
          ● Stewed acid gas release quantity: IEC670754-1, EN50267-2-1
          ● High temperature melt flow, don,t use
          ● Heat, cold, wear-resisting to ozone ultraviolet light 
          and heat and moisture, hydrolysis
          ● Higher the mechanical strength, waterproof, oil, chemicals
          ● Flexible, easy to strip
          ● Smoke low halogen, pass flame test on single
           vertical insulated wires, flame ratardant